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May 12 – Last day to register to vote by mail

May 24 – Last day to register to vote in the Primary

May 26 – June 8 – Early voting

June 12 – Primary Election


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Tom Heck


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Why run?

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   Why run?  Like most Republicans, I am concerned about the way things are going in Our Country -- the wrong direction.  We are disgusted that government is bigger and that government’s growth has eroded our personal freedoms.  We are irritated that taxes are higher and that our dollars are wasted by all government programs.  Our government has saddled our children and grandchildren with an almost insurmountable debt which is growing daily.  We now have to concern ourselves with ensuring our personal safety and that of our families. But most importantly, our our elected officials in Washington, D.C., those we have entrusted with the highest honor to serve America, have failed to do what they said they would do. The last time the Republican establishment kept it's word was in the "Contract with America". The establishment is truly out of touch with the Republican voters. They have failed to listen to us; failed to address our concerns; and totally failed to make things better.

    Thomas Heck is running for United States Senate because he, like his fellow Republicans, have had enough! Thomas is committed to making things better for all Americans. Thomas has a passion for making a difference. His overarching goal has always been to improve things and to leave things better than he found them for those he has served. Thomas has always been committed to one day serving as an elected official and using his training, education, and military and pubic service experience to make a difference on a broader, national scale.

    Thomas brings solid leadership skills and the resolve to advocate to make systems work better for people and the communities in which they live.  He is committed to speaking up and taking action for citizens.  Thomas has always demonstrated the courage to tell those in key positions not what they want to hear but what they need to hear to get the job done right. Thomas is not afraid to challenge the status-quo, including "telling the emperor, he has no clothes!" Thomas is a tough negotiator and someone who is passionate about finding better ways and pushing the peoples’ representatives to run government like a business. His relentless pursuit of getting the right things done for the right reasons is needed in America today as we face some of the most daunting challenges our country has ever seen.

    Our career politicians focus more on getting reelected than correcting our nation’s course to get it back on track for the better. Thomas believes in term limits for all elected officials and will initiate legislation to limit all Congressional and Senatorial representatives to two terms.

    If you believe, as Thomas does, that America must realign our priorities to include addressing and reducing the American debt, ensuring the freedoms our Founding Fathers intended all Americans to enjoy, ensuring the American Dream, and keeping all Americans safe to pursue the American Dream, then Thomas needs your help and support.  Please consider helping Tom’s campaign, whether with a financial contribution or with your time and energy.

   Please cast your vote for Thomas Heck in the Republican primary on June 14, 2016. 

Today is the day to elect Thomas Heck and turn him loose on the Washington, D.C. cronyism to ensure a better future for all Americans!


"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic

answer, but the right answer."  

                                                                      John F. Kennedy

"The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the

problem is that government spends too much."
                                                                      Ronal Reagan




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